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Of the 54 countries in Africa, we've covered 11 of them extensively over the past +3 years. Our favourites (for wildlife) are: Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Kenya and Tanzania. We've figured out what the best activities to do in each country are, the best weather/seasons, particular wildlife hotspots, and other attractions. While the following 3 tours (in addition to our Great Migration Expedition) are non-specific in terms of location, they're built around the dramatic variations in Africa's Wet, Dry and in-between seasons. We have listed the highlights for each country below, so scroll down:



1. "Wet Season in Africa" (March) - Making the most of next-to-no-tourists, and recent Wet Season rains, this tour is about experiencing the abundance of new life that comes after the rains. Baby animals are everywhere, from springbok to impala, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe and other plains game. Predators also abound, and photography is exceptional at this time with vibrant greens, blooming multi-coloured wildflowers, and dramatic skies that only come with "build-up" of the Wet Season.



2. "Ultimate Overland Africa (Winter)" (July) - Once the green fades under ever-clearing skies, and the baby wildlife grow rapidly with the season, areas of the landscape that weren't previously open (flooded) are now accessible. Days are shorter, but because they're cooler animals tend to stay out longer. This is also an excellent time of year to see Victoria Falls, if it was on your bucket list (it's on everyone's!).



3. "The Great Migration" (Aug-Sep) - Our most popular trip, purely due to the magnificence of the migration, we have a full webage dedicated to this experience. Go to our Great Migration Expedition Page now.



4. "Ultimate Overland Africa (Dry)" (Nov/Dec) - In the Dry Season, times can be harsh. The grass and trees have been eaten back by all manner of animals, and trampled. Waterholes are drying at a rapid rate, drawing wildlife closer and closer together causing constant confrontations. While concentrations are high, though, the action also reaches a peak - animals are weaker while they wait for rains to bring relief, fresh water and food; and predators are able to take advantage of this. It's the circle of life, and life is in prefect balance like this. With minimal vegetation to stabilise the soil, and no recent rains, dust is readily blown into the air - this makes for incredible sunsets, especially if we start to see some Wet Season thunderclouds building.



Botswana - known for the Okavango Delta and the Chobe River, Nxai & Makgadikgadi Pans, Central Kalahari and the Kgalagadi sand dunes.

* Amazing elephant sightings, lions, wild dogs in the north, awesome cats in the south, meerkats. Very few rhinos.


Namibia - Etosha National Park is Namibia's jewel, though also known for the Skeleton Coast and Sossusvlei's extensive sand dune systems.

* Desert elephants, dramatic contrast from Wet-to-Dry season, animal concentration in Dry Season is out of this world.


Zambia - South Luangwa, known as the Valley of Leopards, is known to have the highest leopard density of any Park in the world. Other parks include Lower Zambezi, Kasanka, Kafue (incl. Busanga Plains) and Liuwa Plains.

* Most peaceful elephants in Africa in South Luangwa! Dominant lion pride, wild dogs, leopards, night drives, hippos and crocs. No cheetah.


Zimbabwe - Famous for the Zambezi River, which parallels the spectacular Mana Pools NP. Hwange NP also exceptional.

* Best country to see wild dogs. Huge elephants, leopards and lion, tigerfish fishing opportunity, river canoeing.


South Africa - Known for Kruger NP, though several great parks are all within 1 day's drive in KwaZulu Natal. Home to the Drakensberg. Lesotho and Swaziland both exist within South Africa's borders.

* Kruger possibly best place in the world to see the Big 5 in one day, though very touristy and most roads are bitumen. KZN better.


Kenya - Mara Triangle / Conservancy (on the northern side of the Mara River/Serengeti, where the wildebeest migrate north to), also Amboseli and Tsavo East/West and lots of well-known parks further north.

* Amboseli/Tsavo known for their "big tuskers" (huge elephant bulls). Amboseli at the base of Mt Kilimanjaro (you can see/photograph it from there) as well as other interesting species like Gerenuk. Tsavos are home to abundant lions, cheetah, leopards. Mara is home to the migration, and excellent big cat sightings.


Tanzania - Our preferred country to see the Great Migration from (Serengeti NP). Other excellent parks include Selous, Mikumi, Ruaha, Udzungwa Mountains, Ruaha, Katavi, Lake Manyara, Tarangire, Ngorogoro Crater and Arusha NPs.

* Where we run our Great Migration Expeditions, is also great for big cats, baobabs, bird diversity, big crocodiles, and Masaai tribes. Hike Mt Kilimanjaro here.




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